Mar 16, 2006

Your Idiot Husband!

No, I am NOT a male basher, nor a disrespectful wife! This is RC Sproul's interpretation of Colossians 3:18 - "Wives, submit yourselves to your idiot husbands..." The Greek word that is normally translated "your own" (as in "your own husbands") is the word idios. The normal translation is correct, meaning something pertaining to your own self; however RC Sproul's thoughts really bring it to life. Idios is where we get idiot, which we would NEVER use toward our husbands, of course, but it also is where we get idiosyncrasies. Therefore, what this verse is really saying is "Wives, submit yourselves to your husband's idiosyncrasies." Now that is the clearest message I've ever heard on submission!

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