Mar 16, 2006

Did God Create Splenda?

When I am considering what substances to put into my family's bodies, I always ask myself three simple questions, which I learned from Rex Russell:
  1. Did God create this for food? (and do I know exactly what He did create for food?)
  2. Is this food in a chemically unaltered state from that which God created? (refined, purified, homogenized, pasteurized, GMOs, chemicals, preservatives, anything I can't pronounce, etc. Cooking, cutting, juicing, etc. are all chemically unaltered forms of God's created foods for us.)
  3. Am I addicted? (sugar, salt, fat, caffeine)

I used to be very confused when I read different health "experts," as one would say soy is good for you and another would say soy is bad for you, eggs, artificial sweeteners, etc. Now I am perfectly clear on whether or not I choose to put anything into my body that God did not design to be there.

Did God create Splenda? Click here for more information on the harmfulness of Splenda.

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