Mar 5, 2006

Nifty Gadget: Lettuce Knife

If you haven't yet discovered how valuable a good quality lettuce knife can be, let me share with you about one of my favorite gadgets! A lettuce knife is plastic. I know it doesn't sound like it could actually cut anything, but it works wonders on lettuce! After spending years tearing lettuce piece by piece by piece, day after day, the lettuce knife is responsible for making salad prep enjoyable once again, saving me many precious minutes for every salad I make. Do you ever despair of serving rusty lettuce? The lettuce knife will come to your rescue. I have used it to cut lettuce which still looks fresh several days after cutting (although it is not recommended to let salad sit that long!).

Here's how I use it: I wash the lettuce as a whole first. After draining, I cut strips in one direction, then turn them to cut across in the other direction. Then I put them into a salad spinner for nice, crisp, dry lettuce. A whole head done in 1-2 minutes!

Here's the key: get a good quality knife (Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for example) that is one solid piece of plastic. The first one I tried had a handle attached to the blade and it quickly broke in half. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Actually, with the exception of Romaine, lettuce is actually better prepared by tearing than cutting....something about the grain...learned it on the Food Channel's "Good Eats."

Jen said...

You're probably right! But I have to balance time saved against the minute amount of nutrition gained, and with the tremendous amount of salads I make - I choose this timesaver!