Mar 17, 2006

Child Abuse?

We had several friends over for a big garage sale last weekend. Joshua locked himself into the dog cage, which was on top of the refrigerator, with the cat, to keep her from running away. While he was up there, he would surreptiously drop items on customers. People starting looking at him sorrowfully, especially when I came out, opened up the cage door, and hurriedly gave him a plate of food. There were whispers of "Should we call CPS?"

All in all, it was a great garage sale, even though Windcrest "forgot" to advertise in the papers! Thanks to all the friends who came over to help and to sell and to have fun! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Jennifer - that's pretty funny.

Joshua said...

I did not surreptiously drop things on peoples heads, both of the times were accidents.