Mar 3, 2006

Good Clean Fun Part 2

Adding essential oils. The house smells wonderful!

Pouring it into the mold, where it sits covered and, hopefully, undisturbed, for 24 hours.

Joshua helping cut and remove the bars of soap. Alicia thinks it's cheese and tries to eat it.

Natasha putting the bars in the dehydrator, where they will cure as we turn them each day.
In six weeks, they will be ready.
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Mark Epstein said...

6 weeks!? Will it be ready for my trip to Guam? I need to smell "fresh" in my shorts and flip flops. ;~}

Joshua said...

I look like i'm going bald in that picture.

Pat said...

That was so cool how you photographed the process. It was like being in your kitchen. pat ;o)