Mar 31, 2006

Good Friends

I went shopping today with a good friend. What a treasure good friends are! We looked at clothes for hours together, laughed together, and then commiserated together when we were so tired at the end of the day we could hardly drag ourselves home.

Another good friend recently remarked about how she couldn't wait for her daughters to be old enough to be good friends with. What a great goal in life!

Thanks for another great day together, Natasha!


Mark Epstein said...

What a blessing to see the love of my life, who carried this new life, be friends with the only woman I can ever love in a completely different way than any man or woman ever relates. Daughters are a singular blessing from the Lord because God gives men a protective love that is specially designed for "daughters only." And with that love comes a joy when a man's wife and daughter grow to be friends. PTL!

Natasha said...

My feet hurt!