Mar 18, 2006

A Great Air Purifier

Do you live and breathe in toxic air? Have you painted your house in the last year? New carpeting, wallpaper, laminate flooring, drywall, insulation, or other man-made products full of toxic chemicals? Have you bought new upholstered furniture, pressed-wood products, new clothes or shoes? Is your home environment outgassing? Or worse yet, is it a manufactured home? Most of us live in the city, which is toxic in and of itself, but even if we carefully choose a place in the country, reality is that we live in the modern world - a very toxic world.

There is good news about a brand new air purifier, though! Well, brand new, in that each plant will be brand new to your home! Live plants are the best air purifiers known to mankind. We all know that we breathe out carbon dioxide, which plants need to breathe in, and vice versa. This element exchange cleans the air around us and them. The more you fill your home with live plants, the purer your home air will become and, hopefully, you'll feel a little better.

If nothing else, it's a nice way to take dominion over God's wonderful creation!

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