May 22, 2006

My Stressbuster Lists

Here are 3 lists that directly relate to my energy levels.

List of Things I Enjoy Doing
(These things increase my energy, so I will continue to do them.)

Starting my day with 30 minutes in God's Word
Family devotions
Homeschooling my children
Taking field trips
Playing games
Fresh air
Being with my family
Working with family/friends
Fellowshipping with a group of like-minded believers
Reading a good book
Cooking (usually)
Studying God's Word
Studying Nutrition
Studying our Christian Hebrew foundation
Studying parenting
Studying homeschooling
Healthy "junk" food from Whole Foods (or should that be "healthy" junk food?!!!)
Relationships with people who know how to both give and take
Answering questions from people who are honestly seeking answers
Sharing what God has taught me
Blogging a small amount
Reading e-mail a few minutes per day
Reading the news a few minutes per day
Play piano
Play clarinet
Listening to teaching tapes while driving
A rare telephone conversation with a good friend

Things I Must Do
(If I do these with a good attitude, they will not rob my energy.)

Keep a clean home
Pay bills/taxes
Errands that are of a necessary nature for this 21st century
Business telephone calls
Repair and maintenance of cars, home, and appliances
Eat a salad every day

Things I Neither Enjoy Nor Must Do
(Energy robbers that I need to remove from my life)

Watching movies in the evening
Relationships with people who do all the talking
Relationships with people who undermine my parenting
Relationships with people who question my every move
Relationships with people who falsely accuse me
Relationships with people who are easily offended
Relationships with petty people
Relationships with pessimists
Spending money on unnecessary items
Junk food
Window shopping (even online)
Reading print that is grammatically incorrect or spelled incorrectly
Talking to telemarketers

This is not a list with which to tag people. This is a challenge to anyone who wants to identify what is important in your life. This will be a working post, so there may be changes at later dates.

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