May 22, 2006

Heat! Heat!

It is currently 99 degrees outside so we just turned on the heat! Stay tuned!

(Several hours later) The A/C quit working on Saturday, so the repairman came out today to take a look, which is really all he could do - just look. He looked at that big block of ice totally encasing our air conditioning unit, even though it is upstairs in our attic, at well over 100 degrees, and hasn't been used for 3 days now.

So he decided to we needed to turn the heat on to max so that the furnace would blow hot air on the block of ice. After leaving the house for several hours, we returned with great hopes of finding it totally melted (he assured us it would only take 30-60 minutes). However, we returned home to a very warm house and a still solid block of ice.

I hope it melts soon! He can't begin to look at the a/c until it's completely melted!

You know, sometimes I think God allows situations like these to happen in our lives just so we are truly grateful for what we have. I will be truly grateful for air conditioning soon, I hope! And I am very grateful for trained, professional workmen who do the dirty work I can't, and don't really want to, do.

Day 4: No a/c. The block of ice is still frozen solid and very thick, so we turn on the heat again early this morning. The thermostat only goes up to 90 degrees for the furnace, and since it is already that hot in the house, we have to open all the windows and turn on all the fans to cool it down enough for the furnace to come on. I so enjoy heating up the outside on such a nice, hot day!

Several hours later, the repairman comes and, still finding a solid block of ice, proceeds to hose down the compressor which, although HOT to the touch, is completely emtombed in more than 1 inch of solid ice. Finally, the block in the attic begins to melt.

We change the filter and look for the cause. Nothing wrong! Probable cause: dirty air filter.

Lesson learned: It is cheaper and less hassle in the long run to keep up with routine maintenance, so I signed up for a routine maintenance program for both the a/c and the furnace with the company who came out today. They were a small company, been in business for a long time, and sent a real good worker. I hope to stave off these problems next time!

Anticipating needs.

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Mark Epstein said...


You do not know how wonderful it is to be married to a (1) resourceful woman, (2) joyful-in-all-situations woman, and a (3) humorous woman.

I love you.