May 27, 2006

Character Treasures

For church right now, our family is watching SM Davis videos. I believe that God has given SM Davis an incredible wisdom to be able to clearly see character truths in God's Word in a way I've never heard from the pulpit before. It seems that every message we hear changes our hearts to become more like Christ! SM Davis is a very passionate preacher, but not a hell-fire and damnation type. Oh, he absolutely believes the truths of God's Word regarding sin and salvation, but he will never beat you over the head with it. This is a real treasure in my life right now and I wanted to share the titles of his character messages with you. It is a long list, but I didn't know which titles would catch your attention, so here goes:

Anger, the Destroyer
Are You a Giver or a Taker?
Bible Pictures of Godly Children
Bible Principles That Relate to Getting to the Marriage Altar
Bible Teachings About the Bride Price
Breaking Family Curses
Changing the Heart of a Rebel
Christ, the Husband’s Example
Conquering Satan’s Strongholds
Deliverance From the Destructiveness of Lust
Dig Another Well
Expectations, the Enemy of Relationships and Gratitude
Foreseeing the Problems That Could Wreck a Marriage
Freedom From the Spirit of Anger
God’s Plan for Finding a Mate
God’s Seven Purposes for Authority
God’s Viewpoint of the Church
God’s Viewpoint on Having Babies
God’s Way to Deal With Your Wrong Emotions
God’s Weightiest Commands to Husbands, Wives, and Parents
How a Wife Can Use Reverence to Build or Save Her Marriage
How to Avoid Confusion Concerning Betrothal
How to Avoid the Destructiveness of a Wrong Self-Image
How to Be Reconciled to Your Friend or Enemy
How to Bless Your Children and Others
How to Build a Storm-Proof Marriage
How to Develop Character in Your Children
How to Get or Give Wise Counsel
How to Help a Man Deal With His Anger
How to Help Weak Children Become Strong
How to Humble Yourself
How to Increase Your Life’s Potential
How to Keep Children From Getting Bitter
How to Lengthen Your Life by Honoring and Obeying Your Parents
How to Parent as a Team
How to Pass On Your Convictions to Your Children
How to Rebuild Broken Trust
How to Tell Right From Wrong in Confusing Areas of Life
How to Tell the Right Kind of Music
How to Tell True Repentance
How to Train Children to Refuse Evil and Choose Good
How to Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go
How to Treat a Wounded Spirit
How to Use Acceptance to Build Others
Integrity, the Parent of Character
Key Character Qualities of a Godly Man
Knowing When to Let Go
My Son, Give Me Thine Heart
Nothing Shall Offend Them
Overcomer or Survivor?
Overcoming Discouragement
Personal Responsibility
Questions and Answers About Betrothal
Repairing Really Rotten Relationships
Satan’s Plan to Destroy the Husband-Wife Relationship
Seeds of Disintegration
Seven Bible Truths Violated by Christian Dating
Seven Keys to Unlock Doors of Communication
Seven Reasons Why a Man’s Home is a Biblical Priority
Strategy for Victory in Spiritual Warfare
Ten Steps to Victory Over Lust
The Attitude No Lady Should Have
The Danger of Sinning Against Great Spiritual Light
The Influence of Older Children on Younger Ones
The Kingdom of Your Influence
The Language of the Christian’s Clothing
The Mistakes Rebels Make
The Providence of God
The Seven-Fold Power of a Wife’s Submission
The Sin of Silence
The Two Trails in Every Trial
Three Key Elements of Successful Parenting
Twelve Reasons Why I am For the Permanence of Marriage
Understanding Biblical Leadership
Understanding How Homes Relate to Each Other and the Church
Understanding Loyalty in a Disloyal World
Understanding the Hazards of Friendships
Understanding What the Bible Has to Say About Scorn and Mockery
Victory Over the Dating Spirit
What Bitterness Does
What Character Is and Does
What God Expects from a Twenty Year Old
What Impatience Does
What Pride Does
What the Bible Has to Say about Spanking
What to Expect From a Twelve Year Old
When Forgiveness Won’t Work
When God's Will Becomes Multiple Choice
When You Have to Drink the Bitter Cup
Why Satan Wants the Firstborn
Why Should I Repent?
Why the Will of God is Best
Why You Keep Sinning and How to Stop

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