May 7, 2006

I Am, I Can

I have been tagged, but the name of the post is changed to protect the grammar!

I am - saved by grace, through faith.
I want - to be holy, even as God is holy.
I pray - that my children would do great and mighty things for the Lord.
I hate - sin in my own life.
I miss - true friends.
I hear - frogs courting in my pool at night! What beautiful praise music!
I wonder - if Alicia understands all those sermons she listens to.
I regret - not knowing 20 years ago what I know now.
I am not - creative.
I dance - to Messianic Jewish music with my children, as we dance before the Lord like David did.
I sing - as many different styles of music as possible that still truly glorify the Lord.
I cry - when watching nearly every Michael Landon production.
I am not always - full of enough energy to get up and do anything except sit.
I make - almost everything from scratch, including grinding my own grains, preparing LOTS of fresh fruits and veggies daily, and even making totally healthy, delicious desserts.
I write - what I wish I had known when I was younger.
I confuse - plants, animals, insects, flowers, trees.
I need - lose weight and get back into shape.
I should - read more.
I start - sewing projects, organization projects, crafts, gardening, and probably other projects that are on my "to do" list for years and years and years.
I finish - almost everything by a deadline (so-and-so is coming over).

I liked this list a lot, so I added a few more:
I forget - my friends' names; or rather, I panic when I am in public and I see someone I know because I am afraid I will forget their name as soon as I start to say it.
I dream - of being a missionary some day.
I hope - that my everyday life is pleasing to Lord.
I read - more magazines than books, at the moment, probably all Christian.
I practice - improving my handwriting daily.
I study - our Jewish heritage as Christians.
I love - to work side by side with my children.
I expect - nothing from others (outside of my children); that way I'm never disappointed.
I fear - God's wrath, yet I know He has saved me from it. I fear it for those who don't trust in Him.
I yearn for - more time, more energy, more fresh air, more sunshine, more exercise!

I tag - Mark, Natasha, those who tagged me can add some extras, and anyone who reads this is tagged! Feel free to post here if you don't have your own blog, or better yet, start your own blog!

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Sunydazy said...

Since I am new to blogging I am considering myself tagged after reading your post. I'll post it on my blog...I don't think my answers will be too different from yours.