Oct 21, 2006

Weekly Recipe: Colcannon

This is an Irish dish we tried for St. Patrick's Day one year and it became a family favorite. It's also great for potlucks. This is my own version of it.

Boil/ steam potatoes (I cube them at ~1 1/2" to cook faster)
(leave skins on for more nutrition)
I fill a 5-6 qt. pot with the potatoes and add a layer of celery leaves and bay leaves on top for flavor.
Cook until tender. Remove all leaves. Drain.

Meanwhile, chop one head of cabbage (red turns it pink, so we usually use green) ~ 1" pieces.
Steam until tender in a separate pot. Drain.

Put about 1 stick of butter in a big bowl, add potatoes, and mash. Add cabbage, s/p to taste, and as much plain yogurt as you like for a creamy consistency. (I use several cups.)

Easy and delicious!

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Mark Epstein said...

I love this recipe! Hopefully, so will those at the Children's Garden who requested same.