Oct 22, 2006

A Whole New "Look"

Most of you who know me have probably never seen me without glasses, since I've worn glasses nearly my whole life. I wore contacts for a few years and I had RK (radial keratatomy surgery - before LASIK) done once, which only served to greatly worsen my vision in the long run. I recently found out about Gentle Eye Molding, though, which gave me new hope!

My daughter and I went in for an exam and although she was found to be an ideal candidate, I was not (due to the surgery). I convinced them to experiment on my eyes, however, and would like to share this (new-to-me) procedure with you.

Gentle Molding is similar to hard contacts, but they actually reshape the eye. Most people wear them only at night, being able to see 20/20 from the first morning. After wearing them every night for a few weeks, most people can taper off to every other night, and so on. Since my eyes were worse than any they had ever done this procedure on, I did not expect that kind of a miracle! However, for someone who couldn't even find the eye chart before, I could see 20/40 the first morning! Reading is all right, but still a little strained. It has been 4 days now, and each day when I remove the molding lenses, they are a little better than the day before. I have chosen to wear the molding lenses during the day for right now, until I can see well enough without them to function, but my daughter just wears hers at night.

For those of my friends in San Antonio, I am going to the only doctor in town that does this: Dr. Gary White at the GMVC. If you go to one of his open houses, you will get a 10% discount, which is quite significant.

This non-invasive procedure is preventative as well, keeping one's eyes from ever getting any worse. If you start when your children are still in school, you can help protect their eyes all their lives.

I can see better now than I have in many years, which means that the dirt stands out just as much as the beautiful grain in the wood! There's a whole new world out there!


Mark Epstein said...

Well, I am very glad this is working for you, having lived with you and watched your eyesight deteriorate over the years. May the Lord bless you with a lifetime of good vision from this day forward.

Lindon said...

So did this help with both reading vision and far away vision?

I have never heard of this!

I am so frustrated because I have gone to mono vision contacts so I can see somewhat far away and also enough to read up close. lasik will not help reading vision. Neither vision is perfect so I am wondering if this 'molding' would help both.

Jen said...

Yes, Lindon, I can read better than ever before. And I can see farther and clearer in the distance as well. And my astigmatism is almost gone.

I am excited!

Anonymous said...

I knew there was something different.... how fantastic!

Watch out kids - huge cleaning blitz in the forecast.

Sharon said...

I wish I had the same experience. I went to Dr. Collins in Jacksonville, Arkansas and my story is not so good. I worked with Dr. Collins and his staff for almost 4 months. I only needed reading glasses as my distant vision was near perfect. After just one night my near vision was so much better and continued to improve, but my distant vision had been so overcorrected that everything was blurry and had shadows. After 3 months of that I finally had to pull the plug. I've overheard other patients in his office speaking of the same thing. I regret he never shared with me that that was a possibility.