Oct 25, 2006

Field Trip Review: Houston Aquarium

We went to the Houston Aquarium yesterday. Although it was not at all what we expected (we were a bit spoiled by the Monterey Bay Aquarium), it was still a great experience. They couldn't resist starting off the tour with evolution propaganda and it was all decorated with Halloween decorations this time of year, but was still otherwise quite enjoyable.

Each room had a different theme, a different time period, or a different location from around the world. There was a distinct focus in each room, such as nautical history, freshwater fish, the jungles of the Amazon, the Aztec ruins, or reptiles such as the reticulated python.

This eel slithered in and out of his cage - very evil looking!

Rare Arabian White Tigers. We watched them for a long time!

We took a "train" through a tunnel of sharks. It was interesting to be totally surrounded by lots of man-eating sharks.
Across the street was the President Bush (the elder) memorial, where we had a beautiful picnic lunch.
We very much enjoyed the aquarium, although it barely took 2 hours to go through. We were planning on an all day adventure. We wouldn't recommend getting the day pass for rides, which included a carousel and ferris wheel. It wasn't worth the extra money.

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