Oct 29, 2006

PCA Rap Reps?

Click on the movie above for the latest in Reformed entertainment!

I did not actually attend the Ligonier 2006 National Conference, but I'm told this was one of their top acts! I've never seen these men before, so I need your help in identifying these two ghetto rappers promoting Ligonier's new seeker-sensitive conference. Feel free to examine the following evidence -- comparing the video with these photos I've found on the web:

Ligon Duncan

John Duncan

I'm taking a poll: Are these two rappers the men in the links above? Place your vote in the comments section.

If you can't quite follow these lyrics, you may read them here:

Buh, buh, buh,
A man doin' bad
commit a crime,
Caught him in the act
now he's doin' time
I ask him why
with tears in my eye
He says, "I did it for
the M - O - N - E - Y.
It might sound sad,
it might sound funny,
But that's what people
do for money.
Pft, pft, pft. etc.


Icky! said...

I think it is John and Ligon Duncan. Definately Ligon, and who else besides John would also be willing to do something like that in public? Icky!

Passerby said...

It's not me! It's Tim and Ligon.

Mark Epstein said...

Yo, I think it be Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Ice Cube appearing in AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted. It's obvious they are planning to Get Rich or Die Trying.

G-Unit said...

You wrong home boy. It’s Eminem and Vanilla Ice. A’int no brothers gonna be dissin the homiez wearin them rags!

Celebrity Christian said...

It's the warm-up act for Alice Cooper.

Snoop Dogg said...

Ain't nothin but a bunch of jibba-jabber 'cause ain't no body makin M-O-N-E-Y off a dem crackas!

Ludacris said...

Hey, dem dudes musta learnt dat from Ryan!

I Hate Rap said...

It looks like R.C. Sproul, Tim Dick, and John Duncan are in a three way race to the bottom… to join R.C. Sproul, Jr and R.C. Jr. probably taught Ryan Dick everything he knows. It's a family thing.

TheIronHare said...

Wait...I thought Tim Duncan was about seven feet tall and black. Plays basketball in the NBA...

Different TD I guess.

Truth seeker said...

Looks like two middle aged guys trying desparatly to be relevant.

But I could not help but think the lyrics were very relevant to the situation with Ligonier and thier high salaries. What people will do for money, that is.

Diane said...

My husband and I were at the Ligonier conference "featuring" the rapping brothers (no pun intended). It was an impromptu performance requested by someone who knew it was something they had done in their earlier, younger days. It was brief, unexpected and we laughed. I doubt that many were offended, even though I'm sure there were not many rap fans in attendance. Obviously, many are having fun with it now judging by the comments posted. My concern is that a serious problem within Ligonier is spilling over to animosity and accusations against everyone and anyone affiliated with Ligonier. While I have reason to be upset with John Duncan, I have no reason to paint Ligon with the same broad brush. It may be that there are problems with Ligon, John MacArthur, John Piper, Al Mohler, Joni Earekson Tada, etc. but we don't know that - at least I don't.
Jen, I've appreciated your measured and biblical approach to the Ligonier debacle, but is this really the direction we want to take? I'm heartbroken over what I've learned about Ligonier, and I'm still praying for R.C. to have a moment of clarity and be called to repentance by the Holy Spirit's conviction. I'm just disturbed by the attitudes I see in the comments here as well as at Ministrywatchman, even the commenters attack and ridicule each other. I don't see how this is pleasing to God, or even very productive.
I look to you and Frank Vance to provide current, valid information regarding the corruption at Ligonier, and I've appreciated many of the responses of other readers, but it seems to be degenerating into something no longer helpful. Perhaps it's because there is no "new" news but that doesn't seem reason enough to justify what's happening. Please give it some thought ... and prayer.

Jen said...

Diane, I fully appreciate your concern. I was trying to add a little levity into this Ligonier situation. I don't believe anyone here has actually accused them of sinning or that this post was intended in any way to add fuel to the fire. To be honest, we all had a great laugh over the whole thing! Rap is not my style, but they did a pretty good job! I hope everyone can take this as a "fun" post!

Always Batya said...

Diane wrote: While I have reason to be upset with John Duncan, I have no reason to paint Ligon with the same broad brush. It may be that there are problems with Ligon, John MacArthur, John Piper, Al Mohler, Joni Earekson Tada, etc....>>

I do understand your concern. With that said, not one of the above has come out and said filing a lawsuit was unbiblical. And most of the above are sharing many stages with Sproul over the next year even having him teach at their conferences.

I see a major credibility problem with this. I sent Piper an e-mail about this and the response I got back bascially repudiated Frank without even e-mailing him first to hear his side. I find that kind of behavior unacceptable and certainly not Biblical.

I am afraid, I have lost lots of respect for these men. They have become celebrities.

What do you think would happen if all the above made public statements that filing the lawsuit was unbiblical and calling their brother in Christ to repent?

Could it possibly be used by God to save some unrepentent souls over at Ligoneir?

Is that harsh or loving in the eternal long run?

Fr. John said...

The fact that two WHITE MEN would even stoop so low as to mimic the lowest common denominator of GHETTO culture, which has NOTHING in common with historic Christianity, is bad enough- but for some sophomoric (no matter their age!) minds to be 'speaking jive' as if it were either 'normative' or au courant' on a blog is not only appalling, but disgusting!

As a person who has long been involved in liturgy planning and music for services, in a variety of settings, the thought that what passes for 'music' in 'churches' (one has to put both in parentheses, so far are they from the historic model, either Reformed, Catholic, or Anglo-Lutheran!!!) is clear proof that the 'pnevma has left the building,' as it were. as for [c] 'rap music' someone once clearly defined it for me: YO- hear this. "Definition of an oxymoron - 'rap music.'

"nuff said."

TheIronHare said...


1) The thing above the 9 on the keyboard and the thing above the 0...see 'em? THOSE are parentheses.

2) You didn't find people "'speaking jive' as if it were either 'normative' or au courant' on a blog" here. I'm pretty sure they were playfully *mocking* the pasty posse that is the Bruthahs Duncan. So *chill* a lil', homie, or you be havin' a haht attakk ah sumthin'!


Maybe this humor is more to your liking:


Then again, who knows? - Dennis

Old White Boys Shouldn't Rap said...

What happened to the video? It seems to have disappeared all of a sudden. Did the Def Duncans suddenly come to their senses and realize how embarrassing it is to see two old white guys emulating ghetto "culture"?

So I did a Google video search and guess what? Someone else also posted the Rappin' Duncans.

Truth seeker said...


Here it is on youtube. You can copy and paste the url into your browser.

I am still amazed that passerby (It's not me!)posted here and pretty much admitted he is John Duncan. Why not just use your real name?

Jen said...

For the same reason you don't use your real name!

Truth seeker said...

For the same reason you don't use your real name! >>

Duh, good point! Although I do not have deep pockets in case I am sued!