Oct 25, 2006

Field Trip Review: Texas Renaissance Festival

We've been wanting to go to the Renaissance Festival for years now, but heard that there's plenty of an undesirable lifestyle associated with it, so we'd never gone. This year, we decided to try it on "School Days," where the focus was on children instead. There was so much to do, though, that we couldn't begin to fit everything in one day! There were plays and soliloquys, dancing and sword classes, demonstrations of everything imaginable to the time period, and more than one hundred shops selling renaissance-type clothing, knick-knacks, weapons, food, hats, jewelry, and many other items.

Everyone who worked there was not only in costume, but played the part of the time period as well, addressing us as "My Lord" or "My Lady." What a shock it was to order a Gyro and the young man behind the counter said, "Good Day. What can I do for you, my lady?"! As we were leaving, another one would say, "I bid thee farewell, my lady."

We don't know exactly what this creature was, but it attracted much attention!
Will Shakespeare at the Globe Theater, explaining his love life. "Where there's a Will, Anne Hath-a-way."

Teaching proper sword etiquette.

The costume rentals were fantastic! Natasha had her picture taken and was asked for her autograph and for directions many times over. The girls did not want to leave the costumes there!

The dance instructor even thought Natasha was her new assistant!
By the end of the day, we were cold, tired, soaked to the bone, and covered with mud (we forgot our umbrellas!), but it was a GREAT day and we plan on going back for all 3 school days next year! Highly recommended for $5.


Anonymous said...

$5, wow I missed out on this school days thing. We have gone every year for the last few years and didn't get there this year until the last day which cost us $18 a piece.
Even on non schools days the fair is great but the only problem I have which is not present on schools days I am sure, is that all the shows are filled sexual hints. Most of that goes over the kids heads but I don't appreciate it that much.

Jen said...

That's the nice thing about going on school days - no inappropriate dress or themes. It was VERY family friendly. I won't go on regular days precisely because of those situations.

Stephanie said...

I stumbled across your blog looking for lesson plans for the middle ages for school children, and one of your picture comments there was a man holding a rather unusual looking puppet and you said you weren't sure what it was. I work at the Georgia Renaissance festival and see them all the time. They're called "Wood Babies" and are made by the company "A Midsummer Knight's Dream." I have two, they're very unique and interesting puppets. Their website is www.fantasypuppet.com : )

Happy Faire-going.