Apr 9, 2006

Pride Goeth Before a Fall!

On our way to Pensacola recently, Natasha and I were attempting to navigate through Houston traffic when we happened upon the much-loved HOV lane (high-occupancy vehicle - 2 or more persons in one vehicle). Seeing a sea of red brake lights off to our right while we soared through Houston at 70 mph, we were laughing and joking about our good fortune. I did kind of wonder why we were the only ones in our lane, though, when all of sudden, without any warning at all, the lane very unceremoniously dumped us right in the middle of downtown Houston, with a gate in front of us with a red stop light. After the gate opened to let us through, I thought I could just cross over the overpass and get right back on the freeway, but, alas, there were no freeway entrances to be found. So we drove and drove and drove, until we finally found ANOTHER freeway to get on. Thankfully, we had a Houston map with us, so we were eventually able to find our way back onto I-10, but I think I lost all the time I thought I was saving as I drove past everyone else, waving with silly pride!


Anonymous said...


That is hilarious! I've done similar things many times! ROFLOL
Houston is tricky though. I got very good at navigating traffic and using the HOV lane to my advantage when Amory was in the hospital. But it's been a few yrs now, and if I ever have to drive through Houston again - I'll be sitting in a sea of red tail lights for sure, laughing at all the visitors in the HOV Lane who just don't know exactly what's coming next!

Mark Epstein said...

Oh, my. Glad I never did that one in front of y'all -- none of you would have let me live that one down. :<)