Apr 9, 2006


People who seem to really love the Lord
Beautifully landscaped grounds
Modest ladies, but still very modern
Conservative men (no bedheads!)
Delicious food
Diverse offering of majors
High academic standards (A's are EARNED)
Extremely professional
No TVs
Well-planned community of beautiful buildings
High standards
Prepared for emergencies
No body piercings/tattoos
No electronic gadgets attached to personages
No talking in class
Very meaty sermons
25 students in a class
No male-female touching
Church 7 times a week
No concern for leaving personal belongings in open cubby holes
No locks on doors
Lights out - 11:10 p.m.
Church bells ringing
Clean dorm rooms
Teachers care and take time with students
Clean campus
Quiet atmosphere
Respectful students
Enjoyable lectures
Prayer at beginning of every class
God's Word naturally brought into every class
Apparent desire to only please the Lord
Missions/ministry opportunities galore
Sports attitude - glorify God first
Lots of fun things to do
Private beach
Good attitudes
Very friendly one with another
Almost 5000 students
~500 international students
Great library
Wonderful music
"Safe and secure"
$5998 annual tuition/room/board

Very refreshing!

Pensacola Christian College


Anonymous said...

Wow - only $6k for tuition, room and board?? That's totally affordable! When does Natasha enroll? :)

Jen said...

She already applied and will start next January! She is SO excited!

Mark Epstein said...

Despite its sinfullness, I'm envious (ahhhh, the flesh!). I want to be a student there!

Darrell said...

I'd advise reading this article in the Chronicle of Higher Eduation before making any plans to attend PCC.

It's true that it's cheap. But it'll cost a lot of folks much more than they're willing to pay.

Jen said...

Thanks for the warning. We have since decided against attending here because of Beka Arlin's charges against Kent Hovind. That was done out of personal revenge and spite and we cannot condone that kind of behavior.