Apr 12, 2006

Charlotte Mason - Updated

Are you interested in the Charlotte Mason "Original Home Schooling Series," but have a difficult time wading through all that old Victorian era English? Here is a free online modern version written by Leslie Laurio, also available for sale in print. When I first heard of this version, I was concerned that it might be too freely paraphrased, or even dumbed down from the original, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it maintains the full integrity of the original insofar as I have read it. I would say that the original reads like the KJV Bible, and is really not too hard to read if the KJV is your regular Bible, but that the modern version reads like the NKJV. Just the odd words have been updated. She has also added links to the online version where a poem, book, author, etc. might be mentioned by Charlotte Mason that we might not be familiar with. That was very helpful. I still heartily recommend the "Original Series," but this is a good supplement. What a blessing this is in my life!


Anonymous said...

Cool Jen! Thanks for posting! I have never found the CM Original Series difficult to read - but I guess that's because I was raised on the KJV. Which also helps one be prepared for Chaucer and Shakespear. Anyway - cool link!

Anonymous said...


I left the "e" off of Shakespeare!