Mar 28, 2007

Amazing Grace History and Music by Wintley Phipps

I recently watched the outstanding new movie, "Amazing Grace," which told the story of William Wilberforce. Then at my uncle's memorial service, they played this version of "Amazing Grace." The picture quality is not so great here, but the sound is just fine. Watch this video for a fresh, new perspective on an old-time favorite.


Lin said...

Thanks for sharing this. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jen,
I am going to assume that you were telling me the truth when you said that following:

Donna, I don’t have anything against you personally. In fact, I’d like to be friends. >>>

Thank you for posting this. I loved the movie. My dh and I got to see it in Palm Springs week before last.

You probably dont' want to see my blog - I can only imagine what has been said about me - but I read and wrote little book reports about the abolitionist movement, and some others on slavery and the IJM.

You might be interested.

NO, this is not some kind of trap. You might enjoy these.

God bless, and please take care,
Donna L. Carlaw

Vik said...

I love history and I love that song, so I loved that clip, thank you! African music has penetrated nearly every kind of music we listen to today except maybe old country. I'd like to know which type meant what.

Thanks for sharing!

Kathleen F. said...

"We are connected by God's Amazing Grace!" I was so encouraged by those words.

My family and I saw the Wilberforce movie, "Amazing Grace" and, of course, I wept. The scene where John Newton says,
"Wilber, there are two things in my life. I am a great sinner and Jesus Christ is a great savior," was one of those scenes.

Some trivia: The movie, "Amazing Grace" was produced by husband and wife team, Patricia Heaton and David Hunt. Some may know Patricia as Debra Barone on the tv comedy series, Everybody Loves Raymond, as well as her husband guest appearing in an episode. Patricia has produced Christian comedy shows, that have been actually clean and funny, with a a light-hearted look at everyday things in life.

Some may think that God was kicked out of Hollywood, but I think that the Gospel was to be preached "in all the world". Some have independently purposed to redefine the film culture by raising up Christian filmmakers outside of Hollywood. This is good, too, as God is ultimately the One who brings about the change in people's hearts. Others, like Patricia and her husband, have also worked within Hollywood to bring at least the beginnings of change. I don't know if the couple is bought by the blood of Jesus, but I was sure blessed by the overall message of that movie.

Kathleen F. said...

Just finished listening to that video again ....

.. okay, tears again rolling down my cheeks .... I'm a mess. Hallelujah!

Light said...

We saw this movie a few weeks ago, and were delighted when it showed to a sold-out house.

I have a neat "Amazing Grace" story. Last year, we were at the annual Rennaissance Festival in our area. Now, if anyone has ever been to one of these, you know how much fun they are, but they also bring out a crowd of real characters. New age types, wiccans, bikers, you name it. We were in a crowd at an outdoor tavern, sitting on rough wood benches, listening to our favorite bagpipe band, the Rogues. It was a Sunday. For one of their songs, the Rogues played "Amazing Grace." And everyone - bikers in leather, new-agers in crystals, a few people all in gothic black and satanic garb, you name it - every single person in that tavern got to their feet and sang along. It is a song that touches everyone's soul.

Kim said...

I never knew that about the black keys on the piano! Cool!