Mar 15, 2007

Dr. Mohler: Homosexuals Don't Choose Their Orientation

Dr. Al Mohler recently wrote an article on his blog entitled, "Is Your Baby Gay? What If You Could Know? What If You Could Do Something About It?" Dr. Mohler said that he wrote the article merely to start a conversation, but since he doesn't take comments on his blog, I'm wondering where the conversation is taking place. Actually, he started a nationwide fight between conservatives and liberals alike. Here is a summary of his article regarding various current research into the issue of whether or not we are born "gay."

1. We don't currently have any scientific evidence that homosexuality has any biological basis.
2. However, since some sheep are gay, we may have scientific evidence soon that some humans are born that way, too.
3. Because of the Fall, we shouldn't be surprised that there might be a genetic link to homosexuality.
4. Even if we discovered a biological link to homosexuality, that doesn't change what the Bible says about it.
5. If there were a biological link to homosexuality, Christians should be able to have more compassion with them and understand their temptation to sin.
6. We are all made in the image of God -- heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian, transsexual, transgendered, bisexual, or whatever.
7. If we can identify homosexuality in a baby before it is born, we are still pro-life.
8. If we can identify and reverse homosexuality in a baby before it is born, we should do so, enabling that child to have less temptation to commit homosexual acts as an adult.
9. Although we choose whether or not to sin sexually, we may not be able to choose our sexual orientation. Christians sin against homosexuals when we say they can choose. We can't choose our own temptations, but we are responsible for our own sins.
10. Although a scientific finding of this kind would not change the fact that committing homosexual acts is a sin, Christians shouldn't say that there is no scientific basis for such findings. Scientific research shows that there might be. Since we could use this information to help counsel homosexuals, we should embrace it.

Dr. Mohler, I am all for modern science and researching DNA and genes and the like, but do you truly think that God would create someone in His own image who can't help but be attracted to someone of their same sex, but they could never do anything about it without sinning? Are they to burn in lust forever or to commit homosexual acts? This is not at all the same sort of sexual temptation that us normal folks have. God created us in His own image to mirror Christ's relationship with His bride -- to get married to someone of the opposite sex -- so that we don't have to choose between burning in lust forever or committing fornication. Methinks you've been reading too much psychology and too little of what you should be these days.

Now, I am no professional in these matters, nor do I pretend to have all the answers, but there are some basic observations that we would do well to consider here. What happens, for instance, when a boy doesn't get enough attention and the right kind of love from his father? Well, maybe we should start with the girl. When a girl doesn't get the right kind of attention and love from her father, she will go find it in another man. And with all the broken families or all the fathers who don't invest their lives in their children these days, we don't have to look too far to find many girls "looking for love in all the wrong places." What do you think a boy would do without a father's love and attention? Is it possible that he, too, so strongly desires that father figure in his life that he turns to other men? This is merely a personal observation so far.

I have also observed the sissified world we now live in. God created men to work hard physically. Do TVs and computers and video games and other technology help develop a good, strong work ethic in young men? Do teenage boys regularly work hard enough physically until they fall into bed exhausted each night, too tired to even think about sexual sin? Do you think God might have intended them to be able to work off all that energy as a way to divert their temptations as well as accomplish great things during that time of tremendous energy in their lives? What happens when boys never do typical boy things like chopping wood, digging holes, building fences or houses, fixing engines, or a million other boy things? What happens when boys don't develop their physical bodies through hard, physical labor, but rather sit around and become effeminate and weak? Do you think this could be a factor in homosexuality?

I have not observed lesbians as much, but the few that I do know seemed to all have major issues with their mothers as well. I am not going to go so far as to say that all homosexuals had a difficult or non-existent relationship with their parent of their same sex, but I do see somewhat of a pattern here.

I have also seen girls who think that they can't trust men, for various reasons, but usually it comes back to Dad again, and so they turn to other women. Although it is still wrong, it is understandable.

God also created women to work hard physically as well, but not in the same way as men. Even most women are "sissies" nowadays, though.

My observations are purely mine. If you have other ideas, I'm glad to hear them. I'm sure there are many other reasons. However, I just cannot fathom God creating homosexuals in His own image, only to let them live in continual sin for their whole lives because they can't help being born gay. No, Dr. Mohler, your pragmatism in counseling goals just doesn't line up with Scripture this time.


Lin said...

OK, I am not sure what I think about this. But just some questions: What about genetic defects? defects that have nothing to do with drugs, etc. Just deformities that happen?

BTW: I like Mohler but have been concerned about his consistent trek down the 'culture' path over the past few years. He is a brilliant man and I wish we could get more of his scriptural teaching and less commentary about the culture.

Dutch said...

Do you think God's image includes pride, envy, greed, rage, etc? Of course not, yet all of us heterosexuals are certainly characterized by them. So why is a disposition to sexual deviance related to God's image any differently than these other inclinations?

Anonymous said...

How many homosexuals have you met in real life? Not all of them have issues with their parents. As a part-time social worker, I have to deal with teens and young adults on daily basis. And even some of older adults come to our office. Some of them are gay and bisexual. Though a few indeed come from broken families, the number of these cases is small. Most of them have lovely families and their parents have been devoted entirely to their children BEFORE they 'come out'. Beside the issue of gay children, I have talked to these parents. Some of them are very religious and quite serious about their children. What I do find it amusing is that you seem to think being gay/bisexual is a sin. Some animals are gay/bisexual; some science journals have proved that with some evidence. If it is a sin, why do GOD create them? Then why do God create evil people accusing of adultery, drinking, and whoring? I do think there are definitely a lot of grey areas when discussing us. No one is absolutely sinless and we are not perfect. Maybe even God and his son are sinners too? The universe is too complex for us to understand all of religious issues during our lifetime. So you should not judge homosexuals just because of the principle of religion; religion is not 'IT' for humanity alone.

Javier said...

I've been a faithful Christian for 9 years. I have devoted my life to doing God's work. I've been gay for all my life though. Not openly though. Since I can remember I've always fancied boys. Sure there were some girls that came along that I thought I like, but I just couldn't get me self to like them enough.
I didn't choose my sexuality. If I had a choice I woiuld chose to be straight. I have cried to God during the last 9 years to please help me. I haven't heard from him. I'm still Gay. What I have seen though is he love for me just the way I am. I believe he accepts me. I don't accept myself though. It's a struggle.
Homosexeuality is often classified along other 'sins' like adultery, stealing, etc. But it's not like those other 'sins'. An adulterer doesn't say "I can't change, I've been like this since I was a child. I've always been an adulterer." You don't hear these things from them or from thieves, covetors, or even murderers.