Nov 17, 2006

Woman Triumphs Over IRS

Here is an article that seems diametrically opposed to Kent Hovind's trial. Not exactly the same circumstances, but close enough.


beth said...

I think this is a good alternative as long as they make a law that they can't bring back the tax system we now have If they didn't make a law to ban our now existing tax system then they could use both and tax us right out of our life! But it is a good alternative.

MTG said...

She has agreed to apy the taxes she is liable for?????

Help me with the logic on this one.

Jen said...

MTG, I really don't know any more info about it. I just thought it was an interesting dichotomy.

Frank Vance said...

Jen in Googling to find more information about Vernice Kuglin I came across this:

7. By "win" I mean not only winning criminally but also civilly. FedEx pilot Vernice Kuglin was acquitted in her federal tax case when she was criminally indicted under IRC 7203, for willful failure to file tax returns. Since that time Vernie Kuglin has become the poster-child for the tax protest movement. But tax protest leaders fail to mention that while Vernie Kuglin, Lloyd Long, and several other tax protestors have beat the IRS criminally, they still always lose civilly. The IRS is garnishing practically all of Kuglin's $250,000 salary, and when Vernie retires from Federal Express in the near future the IRS will be garnishing her pension, as well. Vernice Kuglin managed to avoid jail, but considering she'll probably be destitute for years to come, it's hard to consider that much of a "win."

Jen in speaking of any "triumph over the IRS" you might want to qualify what that means. Ms. Kuglin managed to stay out of jail, which is definitely much better than what's in store for Kent and Jo Hovind. Obviously her legal strategy worked much better than the Hovinds'. But to say that Vernice Kuglin "triumphed over the IRS" might still be painting too rosy a picture.

Jen said...

Thanks for the update, Frank. I actually just took that title from the WorldNetDaily article linked to here.

I realize there are no true winners against the IRS, but maybe someday there will be justice.