failure to pay $845,000 in employee income taxes, facing up to 288 years in prison in what appears to be something of a kangaroo court. One thing I noticed as I watched many of Kent Hovind's videos was his constant appeal to Christians to do something for the Lord; it doesn't matter what necessarily, but it's important to do something for the Lord. As I was telling my son that Kent may spend the rest of his days in prison when he could be out carrying on his ministry if he had just paid the money and went along with the crowd, I realized what a hypocritical attitude I had. Looking back through history, I am very grateful for all those who didn't go along with the crowd, but made waves, BIG waves, that brought about the necessary changes to get us to where we are today - free.

But are we really free? Why is this SO important to Kent? To him, this was worth risking going to jail for the rest of his life. He is not a kook; there must be something worth learning here. So I took a look around and discovered Aaron Russo's site, Freedom to Fascism, which has a private movie that came out this summer exposing the fact that there is NO law that requires American citizens to pay income taxes. Check out the 14 minute trailer; it will make you think, at the very least. For Christians, there is a timeline there that should ring a bell somewhere.

So, my son wants to know, how can they charge Kent Hovind with a crime if there is no law requiring him to pay taxes for his employees? I haven't researched this fully, so I surely must be missing something somewhere.

Meanwhile, what to do? I hate it when I learn something new; now I am responsible for what I know!