Jun 15, 2006

My Shopping Treasure

"Love where you shop!" is the motto of my favorite store, Whole Foods Market. I often hear from friends that they think it is too expensive, and so they don't go there. I grant that it used to be very expensive, but Whole Foods has introduced their own store brands in the last couple years, which has added a whole new reason to shop there - competitive prices! 365 and Whole Foods/Whole Kids are not only mostly organic and incredibly delicious, but very reasonably priced. For instance, a half gallon of delicious ice cream is $3.99 (at the San Antonio store, at least)! Hey, that's a better price than Blue Bell, and we like it even better than Blue Bell, as well. If you need something in a package, consider Whole Foods own brand. You won't be disappointed!

I also greatly enjoy the atmosphere of Whole Foods, especially in comparison to other food stores. The employees work hard at making you feel welcome. I have had no problems with exchanges. They will stop and help you at any moment. They will special order something with a smile. And they know my children by name. When I went today, they even asked where my children were. What a pleasant experience each week!

I love where I shop!

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Mark Epstein said...

I really like this store as well. Including their monthly e-letters containing recipes.