Jun 20, 2006

Field Trip Review: Cascade Caverns

Today we went to the Cascade Caverns up in Boerne. Although it was nearly 100 degrees out when we arrived, as we started down into the cave, there was a sudden downshift to 68 degrees, but still very humid.

Here is the original opening of the cave, where people were lowered in buckets with a pulley. A fugitive hermit lived here for many years!

The giant molar!

Stalactites dripping into a mineral-rich, 98% pure water lake. There was water and/or mud everywhere.

The end of the cave was lower and about 48 degrees. This room was used as a church sanctuary during World War II. I could just imagine "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" echoing and booming throughout the cave as they sang their hearts out.

This visit to the underground world was well worth the trip. We saw a woolly mammoth tusk that had neither petrified nor disintegrated over the years, but was fully preserved. We saw other evidence of woolly mammoths, clams and other sea creatures (complete with evolutionary commentary, of course!). We saw all kinds of cave rocks, minerals, and formations. We ducked and slid and got a little muddy, but it was a great time!

Although this cave has the potential to be a great tourist attraction, the business end of it was a bit lacking. The facilities were old and run-down and, quite simply, very trashy. It might be good to be aware of that before you arrive. The signs weren't always easy to follow to get there.

So, above ground, they need a lot of work, but underground, it is a wonderful tour, especially on a hot summer day! Posted by Picasa


Mark Epstein said...

My, my, my, the fun y'all have while I slave away in Louisiana. ;~} Oh, well, I'm sure there will be other fun field trips I can attend.

Natasha said...

I will just tell you that the cave actually didn't smell that bad, for a cave. I am real sensitive to those kind of things, so that was a relief :)