Feb 26, 2006

Really Rotten Relationships

Ruth had a really rotten relationship. Her husband had died and the only one she had left was her very bitter mother-in-law, who only wanted to get rid of her. But Ruth refused to do anything but unconditionally love her mother-in-law, even going out to work so she could provide for both of them. God rewarded her perseverance in repairing the really rotten relationship by sending her a wonderful husband and putting her in the lineage of kings, including the King of Kings. Just think of everything she would have missed out on had she decided not to actively pursue repairing a really rotten relationship.

SM Davis' message to us today challenged us to be the first one to attempt to restore really rotten relationships in our lives. If Ruth willingly followed her bitter mother-in-law to a country she didn't know, to people she didn't know, to a God she didn't know, and leave behind everything that may have been near and dear to her heart, if Ruth could do, why can't I take the first step, too?

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Anonymous said...

hey - quit harrassing me on my blog and start posting on yours!!!

btw - I've never heard anyone else portray Naomi as a wicked stepmother.