Feb 24, 2006

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

You know the old saying, "Everything but the kitchen sink." Well, this week it was the kitchen sink - that is, it was the kitchen sink that didn't work, for 8 LONG days! We had the plumber come out last Friday to fix our kitchen sink, which had literally fallen apart into pieces recently but, Master Plumber though he was, after spending 5 hours under our kitchen sink, he just couldn't fix it! Several tries and several trips to Home Depot later, we FINALLY have a kitchen sink again! We thanked God for indoor plumbing tonight. Sometimes we don't realize our blessings until we have to lose them for a while.

As much of a blessing as indoor plumbing truly is (even though it costs a LOT sometimes), people are our truest blessings from the Lord. We are created for two purposes:

  • To love the Lord our God
  • To love others

I thank God for each person He has put in my life to teach me how to love. Some are easy to love and some take a little more work, but each person in my life was put there by the Almighty for His purpose: to love. I thank my God always upon each remembrance of all those God has put into my life to love. Lord, help me to love others in a way they can perceive today.

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Anonymous said...

8 DAYS??? I can't imagine! I'm so glad you are officially blogging now! :)