May 31, 2007

I'm in Love With My Lord

My son just returned from a dinosaur dig with Joe Taylor, a renowned Christian field paleontologist, and his team, the Mt. Blanco dig team. Joe's buddy, Henry Johnson, was like a father to Joshua for ten days. What a blessing these two older men were in the life of my son for a few days. They taught him about digging for dinosaurs and petrified trees, about roughing it like real men, about creation science, singing around the campfire in the evening, and about real life. But mostly they taught him about loving the Lord. When Joshua was telling me all about his trip out west, he kept saying that Henry would just talk to the Lord in the middle of whatever they were doing, and God would just answer. Or he would tell about the sermons they listened to. Or the music they sang. Or how they would just naturally talk about God or creation science.

On the way home, we were listening to some of Joe Taylor's music. Joe wrote and recorded, "I'm in Love With My Lord." At the end of the song, I turned to Joshua and asked him, "Do you think Joe and Henry are in love with their Lord?"

With a wide grin spreading across his 14-year-old face, he answered, "Oh, yeah!" What a testimony! If that was the only thing Joshua learned on this trip, it would be time well spent. I thank God for friends who are in love with the Lord and are willing to share that with us.

Henry, Joshua, Joe Taylor

"I'm in Love With My Lord" was written and recorded in 1972 when Joe lived in Hollywood. The girl singing with Joe is Terri Ketchum, now Reiser. They did lots of concerts in LA area Christian coffee houses. Terri has worked for a pro-life group for a long time and she and her medical doctor husband have written books on health.

If anyone is interested in a CD, you can e-mail Joe Taylor at CDs are $9.00 plus $1.00 shipping.

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Kerri Lowrie said...

Hi Jennifer,

For some time now, people have been led to believe that Joe Taylor is many things - evil, wicked, GOLIATH, a thief, a liar, and pretty much inhuman.

It's as if these people are "drunk off the koolaid that Doug Phillips and others have so freely poured directly into their mouths!

I just wanted to share a few TRUE things with you about Joe Taylor that perhaps people don't know.

Joe Taylor has 10 children whom he raised or help raise, yet none of them are his biological children. All of these children had working Mothers and little to no contact with their biological fathers. Joe worked hard to provide the things these kids needed. Joe unselfishly sold his two favorite 56' Corvette's to help support them. He taught these children right from wrong, good from evil, to tell the truth, and most importantly he taught them about God. From Joe, they learned to respect themselves and others. He took them to church, read to them from the Bible and sang them songs, just like the one you posted in your blog.

Joe Taylor has been a champion for Home Schooling, Creationism, Pro-Life, and many other Christian causes!

He's an accomplished musician, a talented artist, a proven paleontologist, a devout Christian, a great Brother, a true friend and the BEST Father a child could ever have.

Joe Taylor is not Goliath, nor a liar, nor a cheat, nor a thief, nor is he inhuman!

Joe Taylor loves the LORD.

Perhaps someone might read your blog and learn these things about Joe Taylor and perhaps they will want to decide for themselves sans the lies and hate spewing from Doug Phillips and his faction.

Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to support my Dad!

Kerri Lowrie,
Proud Daughter of Joe Taylor