Apr 3, 2007

Peacemaking With Kate

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!

I had previously written an open letter to Kate on my blog. I could not be more pleased to announce that there has been true repentance and the beginning of healing taking place in this relationship. While I am not asking Kate to take sides in the particular issue, the adversarial spirit has now been replaced by the love of the Lord.

Not only has Kate issued me a clear-cut apology, but she has apologized to all those who have interacted with her as well. It is a very difficult thing to admit when you are wrong, but Kate has done a superb job of taking responsibility for her actions.

Not only do I forgive her, but I welcome her with open arms as my sister in the Lord.


Kathleen F. said...


Thank you for this post. I have been encouraged in my spirit to remember my first estate, and what Christ has done in me. The fruit of the Spirit is first LOVE. I am humbled by what He has spiritually, emotionally and physically done in my own life and the lives of my family/friends. My attitudes have not, in the past, reflected the magnitude of just what He has done. When I came to that tearful revelation recently (a reminder from Him) it changed my heart. Oh, I am so far from His perfecting - no sinless perfectionism for me, no-sir-ee! That's for heaven, but some moments with the Lord are truly transforming. I pray I never lose sight of what He has done.

God bless,

Kim said...
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Leigh Ann said...

Off Topic Warning: What can you tell me about Cranio-Sacral Therapy? It was recommended to us by our therapist for our son who has mild autism?