Sep 18, 2006

My Tribute to Ligonier

When we were still on a spiritual “milk” diet, God brought Dr. RC Sproul into our lives to put some spiritual “meat” on our bones. He taught us many things that we had never heard before, but had been desperately hungering for: holiness and truth. It was as if we stepped out of the Dark Ages and into His marvelous light! RC taught us the foundations of reformed doctrine without being extreme on either side. He taught us the doctrines of Grace in a clear, biblical, and gracious manner. We consider him to be a spiritual father to us, of sorts. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

Likewise, we have visited St. Andrews Chapel several times while traveling, the church where Dr. RC Sproul is the teaching elder. This is, by far, the most worshipful church we have ever been in. Everything about both the outward structure and the format and form of the service is truly glorifying to God. We were filled with a quiet sense of awe as we entered the sanctuary filled with people, quietly listening to classical arrangements from a strings ensemble while each was preparing their hearts for worship. The sanctuary is laid out in the shape of the cross, with an elevated pulpit in the center. Dr. Sproul explained that the only thing that was truly elevated there was the Word of God, that the Word of God was central to worship in that place; and it truly was, the times we were there. The incredible biblical art and the glorious classical God-honoring music truly created an atmosphere that would lead each one into worship that glorified God.

As I consider what is happening currently in Ligonier, I want to hold them accountable for the current sin that seems to permeate certain aspects of this Christian ministry, but I always want to give credit where credit is due. I pray that Ligonier as a ministry will repent and set the highest of standards for Christian ministries everywhere.

We are praying for you, Dr. Sproul, and your ministry, Ligonier.

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Mark Epstein said...

I concur. The worship at Saint Andrews is an edifying experience.